Friday, 28 September 2012

Google Wants To Pay You

                    Google wants to pay for Google Adsense , Google Adwords,  when it comes to how to advertise online, the key is to reach out to as many people as possible while keeping your costs at a low. Pay per click advertising is a great way to get visitors when you are in dire need of traffic. Google AdWords is the most common form of PPC advertising. However, PPC advertising can be a risky investment. If you do not research your keywords very well, you can end up spending a crazy fortune with nothing to show.
                      Pay per click advertising is straight forward and basically offers you a smart way of how to advertise online. Google AdWords come up during a user's search engine results. They appear above, below or to the extreme right side of natural search results.
These ads work like an auction house. You do not pay for you ad appearing in Google listings. You only bid on what you want a click on your ad to cost. If you bid higher than anyone else you increase your chances of hitting the top spot in sponsored results.
                        PPC advertising is all about bidding for a top placement so that people online see you first. If people are searching for the key phrases that you bid and you have written an enticing ad, you will definitely get clickthroughs. Try not to go after keywords that cost too much and keep your bidding rates between 10-30 cents.
                       Remember a click-through does not always translate into a sale, so keep you costs down to a bare-bones minimum. Take an extra step to look for keywords that do not cost too much, so that your ROI or return on investment balances out in the end.
                       Avoid getting caught up in a bidding war over certain keywords. Most of these keywords are ego-oriented and might not really be profitable. It might just be a case of someone wanting that keyword as his personal property no matter what the cost. It is more of an ego-driven thing rather than profitable venture. And when so much is being paid for a non-converting keyword, it can affect the cost per click of related keywords even when no one is bidding for them. So you need to be careful.
                       Pay per click advertising can be crucial to your internet marketing only if you know how to advertise properly with it. Google AdWords offer loads of tutorials to help you understand how to run and manage advertising for your site. However, endeavour to sign up for campaign courses online or relate with an SEO expert who will teach you how to run a campaign effectively.
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